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10 January 2008 @ 02:58 am
teenage mutant ninja turtles  
this batch of recs is kinda accidental. after reading tanabata jasmine I've decided to try something else from whiteadelphi, and this something else turned out to be tmnt story. I'm not familiar with this canon aside from couple of dim childhood memories, and the fact that it's about teenage mutant ninja turtles who live in a severs threw me off (no, seriously. mutant. ninja. turtles. in severs. together, they fight crime!), but there was nothing else to do, so I got to:

title: underdark
fandom: teenage mutant ninja turtles
author: whiteadelphi
rating/warnings: t
summary: he’s hanging upside down in the middle of the great underdark, weighed down by a half hysterical turtle in the middle of a bunch of pipes andwater and rock that are conspiring to kill us both off, and Leo still manages to sound like he Has A Plan.
rec: and, well, it turned out that once you get used to mentions of plastrons and shells and green skin (and really, it's not that hard), you're in incredibly good story: tightly paced, intense and deliciously claustrophobic. there's nothing that pushes my buttons more than siblings-with-older-protecting-younger-obsessively-while-stoically-ignoring-his-own-injuries, and Leo with Mikey play it out perfectly - I love the way story unfolds, from more or less calm rescue plans to desperate race against time, and in maintaining 'blind in the darkness' theme it's on level with wreathsandbells's four and twenty blackbirds, never slipping, and there's subtle family dynamics and some tongue-in-cheek snarkiness and slow, unhurried 'comfort' chapter in the end, and generally pretty much everything you might want from excellent h/c story.

so, from here I've delved further and found that it's even harder to find good finished story for this fandom than for rurouni kenshin, for some reasons there're thousands of deathfics, half of them unlabelled, which is highly annoying, and half of them heartbreaking, Leonardo is h/c character to die for, and when you sort through everything, there're some amazing stories to be found. some of them are tagged here, but my favourites belong to kay_cricketed:

title: lockdown
fandom: teenage mutant ninja turtles
author: kay_cricketed
rating/warnings: t, wip
summary: when Leonardo fails to tell his brothers about a mishap in their latest mission, the mistake could cost him something important... like his life. Don's answers. Raph's anger. Mikey's hope. what can combat something that attacks from the inside?
rec: the only problem with this fic is that it's a wip, and while it's updated and promised to be finished, it's updated very slowly, so be careful. in everything else it's pretty much perfect: in imagery, in words used, in flow of sentences, in general plot idea, in shift of povs, in relationships between characters. it concentrates on whole family dealing with scary and intense situation, each member reacting in his own way, and there's helplessness and fear mixed with certainty to save, and... no, really, I can't describe it properly. it's just in the beginning yet, and still it's how all good h/c stories should be written.

title: flicker - and fade - and fear
fandom: teenage mutant ninja turtles
author: kay_cricketed
rating/warnings: t; and fade is a deathfic.
summary: it's ironic that Raph is the one to head out alone all the time, but it's Leo, following him to protect him, that finds the trouble. one night, one mistake, one possibility, one candle.
rec: there's something in kay_cricketed writing style that's perfectly suited to writing dark, delirious and yet strangely warm stories. first one is a start of the road; second is a devastating possibility (and oh, how perfectly it deals with it couldn't happen, and I refuse to believe in it reaction to death of close person), and third is much more hopeful alternative (it also contains most precious line that should be said by every one self-sacrificing-protective-caring character in every fandom. ah. that's good - you'll see it when you'll read, and honestly, holy ow, Leo). and I love how this fandom (and stories in them, and this one in particulars) is all about not just friends or lovers or partners, but about brothers - one who're defaulted to love and cherish each other, and still can hurt each other the easiest.

there're also two stories by kay_cricketed - clarity, her tomb and the butcher and backer and candlestick maker that I can't honestly rec here, for they're barely started, and while there's a whole lot of hurt, there's no hint of comfort in sight yet, but. but you still should read it, because they're are a) creepy, b) creepy, c) seriously, very, silent-hill-and-1402-level-of-can't-sleep-later-save-me-creepy and d) fantastic. first is Leo's, second is Raph's; for something that's not even past (rather lenghty) prologue yet they're worth more than some horror novels I've read. there's reality shifting and wrongness seeping in, little details melting and burning, nightmares merging with everyday life until there's no way out; and since author is fond of luring you in least comfortable headset ever and then cheerfully parting ways for quite some time, I want to have some company at least - because oh, it hurts so good.
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