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A selection of Magnificent Seven recs

Magnificent Seven fandom, in its heyday, was paradise on the internet for h/c fans. Seriously, long, plotty gen h/c was the most predominant form of fic in the fandom. The show was about seven gunsligners who protected a town in the old west, though about 40% of the fic out there is set in a variety of modern law-enforcement AUs. I have for y'all's pleasure one very long ensemble fic and three that focus on Ezra Standish, gambler and ex-con-man, who's perfect for h/c because he's always being Terribly Misjudged ^_^.

When Shadows Fall, epic length Magnificent Seven fic, starring all seven guys. Evil villains attempt to split the Seven up in order to take them down more easily, and an injured Buck and Vin are captured (Chris joins them in captivity eventually), and must be rescued by the rest of the team. All Seven are well characterized and have major rolls in the plot, but the main focus is on Buck, Vin, and Chris and their sufferings at the hands of the bad guys.

Bodyguards: The Name of the Game, by Jean Graham. Once upon a time, I used to visit Jean's site on a bi-weekly basis, checking for an update to this fic. Now it's finished, in all it's 300+ page, h/c-packed glory.

"Name of the Game" is the establishing story for a modern AU where the Seven are bodyguards working for a protection agency run by Chris Larabee, and features a Seven who are still learning how to work together and get along. It features a kidnapping plot gone horribly wrong, loads of backstory angst for Ezra, emotional trauma, some nice bonding between Chris and Vin and Buck and Ezra, and several character almost dying in terribly dramatic ways.

A heads up: Like all of Jean's fics, it's a downloadable pdf file and requires adobe acrobat.

Nottasha (who has since moved to SGA fandom) is probably my all-time favorite Mag7 writer, with lots of mid-length, well characterized gen action and h/c fics, most of which focus on Ezra. Two of my favorites are:

More Than Gold by Nottasha. Ezra, Buck, and JD must guard and transport a very valuable box. When the three of them are attacked in the process, misunderstandings ensue. Oh, and Ezra gets shot.

Toward the Light by Nottasha. Ezra must rescue two children trapped in a cave, getting the snot beaten out of him in the process. Really good Ezra internal monologues.
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