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hurtcomfortrecs's Journal

Hurt/Comfort Fiction Recs
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Hurt/Comfort: "A style of story in which one character is harmed (physically or emotionally) and another must save them, make them feel better, or both." (The Fanfiction Glossary)☄
This is a place to rec any hurt/comfort fics you have read and enjoyed. Anyone can rec fic and recs are not limited to the fandoms listed in the interests. If you wish to rec a story from a fandom not listed feel free to do so.

Recs should be posted in the following format:
Name: Name of the fic
Author: If on LJ put link ([Unknown LJ tag] without the *) and if on another site use their username (you don't have to provide a link).
Rating: If one isn't provided by the author, estimate what you think it is but state clearly that it is your opinion and not the author's. Please conform to the pre-approved list of ratings (i.e. g not k and pg-13 not t). If there are multiple ratings for a story, it is usually safer to choose the higher one.
Fandom: Use full names, not abbreviations (i.e. buffy the vampire slayer NOT btvs). It helps prevent confusion with tagging.
Link: Like it says.
Comments: Any comments you have on the story.

Please tag all entries with the fandoms and ratings recced. Use the pre-approved list. It keeps things organized.

If you have a question on anything that is not addressed here (or that you feel isn't clear) than please comment on the FAQ.

If you wish to affiliate with us, please comment here.

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